Your day with us

Your Day With Us: Diving is Fun!

Below is an example of our typical dive day to give you an idea of how exciting your holiday with us can be!

We meet in the mornings around 8.30am to ensure we get to the best dive sites first. At the dive centre you’ll have time for tea or coffee and a chat before we begin. We load our pick-ups with everything we need for the day, including all equipment, first aid kits and emergency oxygen, and then away we go.

All of Dahab’s dive sites are easily accessible from our base as we are conveniently located almost exactly between the northern and southern dive sites. Driving times are 20-30 minutes maximum.


At all of our sites you will find comfortable and relaxed Bedouin restaurants, these make great “base-camps” from which we can easily reach different dive sites. The cars will be unloaded while you make yourself comfortable in these beautiful settings. Here you can eat, drink and relax between dives and safely stow all equipment, with no need to rush from one site to the next.

Together we will assemble our equipment, discuss the dive sites in our briefing and then go diving!

After our dives, we return to the centre, where we have ample washing facilities for equipment. You can immediately stow equipment in your lockers as they are generously proportioned with plenty of room and well-ventilated to allow fast-drying and prevent mustiness.

We normally return to the centre around 3-4pm, however this can be totally personalised for your holiday. Whether you want to do; one, two or three dives, or even early morning or night dives. Whatever you want from your dive day, we will make it possible!

Your day with us ends at the dive centre, where we have plenty of comfy seating areas for you to enjoy your well deserved “Deco-beer”!