The South


Islands is one of the most beautiful dive sites and is located directly on the outskirts of Dahab, making it easily reached in around 10 minutes. It features a set of three complex coral basins with sandy bottoms and an enchanting coral labyrinth. You enter the first of these basins through an exciting small tunnel in the reef table where lionfish are often resting. After following the route through the basins you can immerse yourself in an adventurous labyrinth of hard corals. The dive leads to two larger coral “islands” with a maximum depth of 16 m. On the outer edge of the Islands you can often make a short drift dive where barracudas and napoleon fish are a common sight between coral mountains. The all-day sun rays and excellent lighting conditions make this beautiful reef a truly heavenly dive spot.

Napoleon Reef

The Napoleon Reef is favoured for snorkeling trips or boat diving due to its location further out from the shore. It gets its name from the majestic Napoleon fish which is often spotted here. In addition, this exciting dive site provides beautiful table corals with giant puffer fish hiding underneath. This site is located at the end of the beautiful Laguna area where you can enjoy the wonderful views over the mountains and the lagoon after the dive or even work on your tan at the sandy beach.

Golden Blocks

The Golden Blocks are two beautifully developed blocks of coral on which plentiful bright anthias reside. The dive leads through two canyons, in one of which a large and beautiful fan coral grows. Alternatively this can be the site of a beautiful drift dive over scattered coral blocks and seagrass meadows with an exit at Moray Garden.

Moray Garden

Moray Garden is perhaps one of the most versatile dive sites in the south of Dahab. The entrance is easy and accessible due to the sand/gravel bottom and sheltered conditions and there are a variety of routes to discover. Whatever route you choose you will dive between majestic fingers of coral reef interspersed with sandy bottom and sea grass. This site also offers a sandy bottom perfect for beginner courses and photography practice. Keep an eye out for octopus, rays and turtles, all commonly sighted here.


This beautiful site is located about 30 minutes south of Dahab, it is less frequented but really worth the drive. Its main feature is a giant gorgonia fan coral at 32m and an impressive coral garden at shallower depths. With a little luck you will see the Longnose Hawkfish at the gorgonia and on your way back sand eels on the sandy slope. Well-camouflaged scorpion fish hide themselves on and among the corals and large groupers patrol the reef wall. The dive site is also known for its strong surface currents and can only be dived in low winds and high tides.


This is the most Southerly dive site which is still accessible by car and due to this is infrequently dived. From this site onwards the only access is by camel or boat. Directly at the entrance of this dive site there is a large overhang that extends 4-5 m with depths of 12 meters. This impressive overhang gave this site the technically incorrect name “Caves”. The overhang provides a fantastic contrast to the rays of light overhead and the dappled light and breaking waves overhead prove truly spectacular. This site is another that can only be dived in perfect conditions due to the slightly tricky exit/entrance so keep your fingers crossed for a visit here.


One of the most exciting dive sites in the South, only accessible by camel or boat, Gabr el Bint is a unique dive site with a variety of big and beautiful fan corals.

Gabr el Bint means “grave of the girl”and the story that follows has more than a little resemblance to “Romeo and Juliet”. According to legend, a Bedouin girl and a boy were in love a long time ago, however, the well-off family of the young man opposed the romance due to large class differences between the families. The young couple resisted but one day the young man was looking for his beloved unsuccessfully, it is told that the girl was found dead in Wadi “Gabr el Bint”.  The boy was so crushed that he committed suicide at the same place. You can hear several versions of this sad story even today in Dahab.

The boat to this site casts off from the small harbor in Dahab and the short voyage takes about 50 minutes. By camel it starts from the dive site “Caves”and the ride takes about 1.5 hours. Gabr el Bint is certainly one of the best and most exciting dive sites in the south of Dahab. Here you can find large schools of fish, napoleon fish, milkfish, turtles and maybe even mantas and dolphins.

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