The North Part II

The Canyon

One of the most famous dive sites in Dahab is the Canyon. The dive begins by swimming through a flat lagoon around 2-3m deep to a beautiful coral garden. The Canyon itself is a deep crevasse in this coral garden, with a wide opening around 20m which you are invited to fall into. Here you can dive down to the sandy bottom of the canyon at 28m and admire the dappled light and cracks and crevices. The Canyon itself extends with narrowing gorges  steeply sloping further to depths of 50m. Diving later in the morning allows you to see a curtain of air bubbles ascending from divers already in the canyon.

Abu Talha

The dive site Abu Talha is infrequently dived so you will rarely meet other divers here. After diving through a small lagoon the route follows over a colorful coral saddle into the open sea. Along the reef edge you can marvel at the splendour and variety of corals and fish present. During the dive, table corals alternate with soft corals, while colourful groupers and triggerfish accompany you. If you are particularly lucky, eagle rays have been spotted here before!

Abu Helal

Ras Abu Helal, “head of the new moon”, is named after the crescent-shaped reef  found south of Abu Talha. Abu Helal can only be dived at high tide and in perfect conditions. Thus, it is dived much less frequently than other sites and its corals are in excellent condition. The reef surrounds a flat lagoon at a depth of 10 meters. Above water you will find a gently sloping bay and on the northern side a wide ridge. The variety of soft and hard corals and marine life is breathtaking. Among its many reef inhabitants there are large grouper, triggerfish, puffers, unicorn fish, wrasse and lionfish. Sea turtles are also regularly encountered at this breathtaking site.

Eel Garden

This site gets its name from the sand eels which protrude from the sand in their thousands here. Sand eels are shy animals that live in tube systems in the sandy sea bottom and retract into their burrows when threatened.. Eel Garden is located only 50m away Dahab’s central Lighthouse area and can be reached in only a few minutes. The dive begins at a small canyon surrounded by beautiful corals and leads to a sandy lagoon. It then continues over a sandy slope populated by numerous sand eels.

On the return you follow a reef wall, which will make every diver’s heart beat faster with its colour and splendour. Eagle rays are also occasionally spotted here.


This dive site is located in the heart of Dahab and can be dived easily regardless of weather conditions. The Lighthouse is the central spot in Dahab and offers both beautifully complex coral blocks for certified divers and optimal sandy bottom areas for courses and beginners.

The North route meanders around huge coral blocks along the sandy slope to depths of 30m and rises up to 8-12m following the stunning reef wall interspersed with small overhangs. The South route is recommended for photographers, beginner courses and naturists. Its main feature is a sprawling sandy slope covered in fields of sea grass. You are almost guaranteed to encounter octopus, puffer fish and plenty of juvenile fish as you slowly make your way through the seagrass and assorted wreckage. Another highlight is the artificial underwater museum composed of statues designed to promote coral life . There is the life-size elephant made entirely of scrap metal found at 28m and statues of the gods Horus and Bes and a mummy. You will also find an underwater parkour ideal for buoyancy control exercises and beginner courses.

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