The North Part I

Ras Abu Galum

One of the most northern dive sites in Dahab is Ras Abu Galum, found in the beautiful National Park of the same name. This stunning dive site is accessible only by camel or boat and is must for anyone looking to combine a camel desert experience with their dive holiday. North Ras Abu Galum is a beautiful flat coral garden, with large coral blocks and plenty nudibranchs, scorpionfish and stonefish. Here you also have a very good chance of spotting turtles, spanish dancers or pipefish!

South Ras Abu Galum features a famous cliff falling to depths of 80m. The wall is dominated primarily by hard corals with areas of colourful soft corals, overhangs and black corals. Here you can see huge shoals of small reef fish inhabiting the wall and looking out into the blue water you often spot larger fish species.

The Bells

This amazing site is located around 70 meters north of the Blue Hole and has a unique small pool at the entrance here you enter a small crack in the reef-table. This continues as an open under water chimney on a vertical cliff face down to deep depths. The chimney can be exited at any depth and there are corals to both sides and nothing but blue in front of you. There are smaller arches that you can pass through as you dive head first down to a depth of 28m.

After leaving the chimney you dive South towards the Blue Hole following a magnificent coral wall which falls steeply into the blue. The wall is covered with large colonies of star corals, sea fans, soft and black corals. The dive will take you gradually shallower over 40 minutes until you reach the beautiful coral saddle into the Blue Hole at about 7 m and then onto the exit point.

This unique site gets its name from the ringing sounds produced when divers knock their tanks against the rocks during the narrow entry and descent!

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in the Red Sea. Even the off-road journey to this site in the north of Dahab feels like an adventure. In the Blue Hole itself you can observe freedivers and on occasion giant moray eels and napoleon’s have been spotted here too! The stunning Blue Hole is a 60 x 80m wide and over 100 m deep submarine sinkhole.

The Blue Hole is infamous for being considered one of the most dangerous dive sites in the world due to the allure of the “Arch”, a tunnel connecting the Blue Hole to the open sea.  The arch is found at a depth of 56m and is 26 m long, with the exit leading to a steep slope to several hundred meters depth. Divers who attempt this without proper training, knowledge and planning are asking for trouble.

As long as you dive within the limits of your training and experience this is a beautiful site to be enjoyed by recreational divers.

Anne el Camilla

Different centres have different names for this beautiful, rarely-dived site; at our centre Hans has chosen the name “Anne the Beauty”. This spot is certainly one of the most beautiful in Dahab with breathtaking drop-offs and wonderful, pristine coral gardens with plentiful fish. We frequently spot larger species here including turtles big barracudas and on occasion eagle rays. Check out the short video on our Facebook page “Buddy breathing with a turtle” – filmed here. We rarely meet other diving groups here and hope that it help keeps the corals in beautiful condition!

Rick’s Reef

Directly adjacent to the Canyon you will find Rick’s Reef;  this site combines hard corals and sandy bottoms with many lionfish, moray eels and blue spotted eels. With a bit of luck you might also encounter turtles or eagle rays. From this site you can have a relaxed 50 minute drift dive at around 18m to the Canyon itself.

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