Independent (or Solo) Diving

Solo Diving is a topic which is controversially discussedSolo Diving, we believe that there are some seriously good reasons for solo diving:

  • Increase your personal safety, learn more about yourself and your own equipment.
  • Backup and redundancy systems, such as additional tanks and regulators, give more safety to photographers, scientist and all dive guides.
  • Diving independently increases your awareness of safety and planning ahead.
  • Divers who can take care of themselves can then take better care of their buddy.
  • Diving independently can be the ideal situation for an undisturbed view of the underwater world.


During this SSI Course you will learn:

  • Equipment setup.
  • Use of redundancy systems.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Dive Planning including SAC rates and the rule of thirds.
  • Evaluation of surface and underwater conditions.

There are many ways in which this course can benefit your personal diving safety and confidence, so sign up here. Speciality dives 22 each additional to dive package plus 38 for certification.

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