Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. It began as a configuration popular with advanced cave divers, as smaller sections of cave can be penetrated and tanks can be changed with greater ease. The same benefits for operating in confined spaces were also recognized by divers who conducted technical wreck diving penetrations. Click here for more information on the history, development and uses of Sidemount!

Sidemount DivingAs is the norm in wreck and cave diving, sidemount equipment configuration is now being discovered by more and more divers. The simple, pleasant and weightless feeling of diving without the burden of your equipment on your back is something everyone should experience. So here at iDive we offer the SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving Speciality!

To safely dive with this configuration, it requires special training, without the necessary preparation and knowledge it can lead to a safety risk. Therefore, it is important to have the knowledge, skills and training to make Recreational Sidemount dives safely.

You will learn everything about the background, history, benefits and equipment of sidemount diving. In practice, you will learn how to configure your equipment and manage it in the water, recognizing that buoyancy and movement brings you a new diving experience. Speciality dives 22 each additional to dive package plus 38 for certification.

Course Content:

  • History and Background
  • Benefits for the recreational diver
  • Equipment and Configuration
  • Handling in practice
  • Buoyancy
  • Planning a Sidemount dive

An SSI Recreational Sidemount course is made up of short academic sessions, with practice in the water to ensure comfort and safety with this new equipment configuration. With the proper training, you can enjoy recreational sidemount diving anytime.

iDive Dahab is well equipped for Sidemount Diving courses and Hans has vast experience with multiple SM configurations.

You can also learn other activities that work perfectly with Side Mount Recreational diving, such as other Specialty Course programs or as part of the Extended Range program. The possibilities are endless!