Learn to Dive


Here at iDive we want to give you the best possible dive experience. Whether you are learning to dive, continuing your diving education, or starting your professional diving career, we believe it’s all about  adventure, trust, experience and fun!

Our beginner courses focus on ensuring your safety and then we add our patience and fun. If you choose to start the Open Water Course or just do a try-dive with us you will be in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. We also include the Perfect Buoyancy Course in the Open Water Course to help you to become a confident and competent new diver. We want you to feel as passionate about diving as we do! Have a close look at our entry level courses. And don´t forget, this is where we all began!

For the next step we have a whole range of opportunities and specialties to offer. Including the Deep Dive Specialty where you will learn to extend your experience to depths of up to 40 meters. We want to help you learn and give you an exciting and interesting diving experience to help you extend your adventure more and more!

Broaden your Horizons is where you can learn more about different equipment, photography or diving techniques. X Range Nitrox, Sidemount Diving or Solo Diving are the perfect choices for divers who want in-depth knowledge of diving techniques, decompression theory, and are looking to dive independently or with Sidemount harnesses. Adventure starts here!

For divers looking begin their professional career we are a perfect choice offering Divemaster, Dive Guide and Open Water Instructor training as well as X Range Nitrox Instructors,our professionalism and vast experience will give you the best start in your diving career!

Hans is an SSI Instructor Trainer,  a VDST 2 Stars Instructor, a BSAC Instructor and an SSI Platinum 5000 Instructor, as well as a trained rebreather instructor! Although he doesn’t teach all of our courses he is always available to offer help and advice.

We promise you will love learning with our iDive Team!