Extended Range Nitrox Instructor

At some point nearly every diver wants to extend their knowledge beyond the limits of recreational diving and experience more challenging diving. Extended Range has it all!

With professional training materials, comprehensive standards and flexible course combinations, the SSI Extended Range program provides a unique experience.
All courses and training materials were developed by industry professionals with decades of technical diving experience.

Extended Range offers three pathways: Advanced Wreck, Cavern, or Extended Range.

To qualify for Extended Range Instructor Training Course you must already be an Open Water Instructor, Deep and Nitrox Instructor and an Extended Range Diver. Then you are ready to sign up for the course!
The procedures to qualify for Cavern and Advanced Wreck Diving Instructor are similar. If you are not an Extended Range diver and you want to get started, we also have combined diver and instructor programs, simply contact us to find out how to enroll. We also have an equivalency chart for crossover.


The SSI Extended Range Nitrox program contains decompression diving up to a depth of 40 meters using recreational diving equipment and one stage cylinder. This creates the opportunity of an easy and very useful first step in our Extended Range Program. It’s simple and easy to conquer new limits!

Price €930

X Range Nitrox Instructor

iDive is SSI Instructor Training Centre. We offer a full range of professional courses including the X Range Nitrox Course. You can even join us for an internship to complete your training, please send us your detailed CV.