Diving in Dahab

Typically Dahab – Shore Diving  

Most sites in Dahab have an easy entry from the shore into the water. This can be explained by the unique location of the Sinai Peninsula with very deep sea trenches extending close to the shore. Depths of 70 meters plus are not uncommon and our famous Blue Hole drops directly to 130 meters just minutes swim from the shore. This provides excellent diving conditions and corals have thrived in this fringing reef for thousands of years immediately near the shore.
Beautiful coral gardens can be dived directly from the shore and if you were to jump in at “any” random location around Dahab, you can expect to dive right into a coral garden.

Shore diving gives us a huge amount of freedom; totally eliminating any worries of seasickness, giving us a more flexible schedule than for boat dives, diving in small groups and having the choice to enter the water at different times.

We enjoy diving at some of the most beautiful spots in Dahab see our links below for more information!

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