Broaden your horizons!

While it’s great to just relax and admire colorful coral reefs and glide through the clear warm water, maybe you are looking for something new to discover? Looking for more experience, more skills and more options under water? Then it’s time to broaden your horizons!

By participating in our different programs you will develop your diving skills and knowledge to give you more and more exciting options under water.

Firstly the SSI Extended Range programs, these offer dive training at a higher level giving you new options, without having to modify existing techniques and habits completely. They will help you perfect your skills and build on your existing knowledge in a logical and practical manner. During these programs you will dive with multiple gases, use new equipment and safely apply decompression procedure. Extended Range is the opportunity to discover new things and to develop yourself further. We can offer you both the Extended Range Nitrox. and Extended Range programs, often taught in combination.

Next we have our well-established side-mount courses on offer. This offers a new configuration for ease of movement under water and enhanced comfort, once you try it you’ll never want to dive in any other way! With us you will learn basic techniques, sample various jackets and practice buoyancy and movement under water. This complements our XRange programs and Independent Diver course extremely well.

We also offer a very special Independent Diver course where you will learn how to safely take care of yourself, while alone underwater, using redundancy systems. This course is a must for anyone who takes photographs underwater or anyone diving with an easily distracted buddy! This course gives you a fundamental understanding of how to safely dive alone and how to prepare for and react to any problems. This course demands and promotes your skills at the highest level.

Finally another way we can expand your horizons is with the field of underwater photography. We offer a special program where we will accompany you on dives and help you step-by-step in getting to know your camera and in taking better photographs. We implement this during ordinary dives in a relaxed manner giving advice to help you enjoy your underwater photography experience. Simple tips and advice whilst still have fun!